"The new single has a quiet power within its adept alt-rock progressions. Vocalist Ryan Parmenter paces the lyrics in each verse as if carrying the weight of the star... [Y]ou can feel the almighty [sun] touching our lives, even if only through the warm light gracing our skin."

- Grimy Goods (Coursing On)


“Forc# Fi#lds continues to explore the psychedelic indie rock sound of their debut, sounding something like Tame Impala doing Pink Floyd covers after binging on Steely Dan and Hall & Oates mix tapes. Visually speaking, the track is unlike any aesthetic experience you’re likely to see this year."

- Culture Collide (Forc# Fi#lds)


“Forc# Fi#lds creates a groovy vibe within seconds of the music beginning; the first strums of the guitar are reminiscent of a classic 1960s indie anthem. Rock meets ethereality creating the quintessential tune for an epic adventure."

- Imperfect Fifth (Forc# Fi#lds)


2017: Buzz Bands LA’s Favorite EPs of the Year, "Swimming in Circles — Soundtrack to a vivid, beautiful dream."

- Buzzband LA (Swimming in Circles)


"Former Faces is the new face for the music of Ryan Parmenter (KG Bird, Cue the Moon), whose journey toward sonic bliss now takes him to the heavens via Silver Lake, crafting ambient melancholia for stargazing both real and imagined."

Buzzbands LA (Back Up a Minute)


"Breathtakingly gorgeous, with a heavy dose of melancholy and totally mesmerizing that is 'Back Up a Minute,' the new single by L.A. indie-rockers Former Faces."

Glam Glare (Back Up a Minute)


"The sound invokes a feeling of searching for the hell of it. Whatever lies at the end will always be unknown."

Feeding Ears (Back Up a Minute)



"The song blends the old and the new, holding together sparkling touches of modern electronic and psychedelic retro textures, with some soothing vocals to stand out over the brooding melody."

Going Solo (No Good Reason)


"While he maintains a modern style in the electronic scene, it is done with a retro nuance that takes its own shape in futuristic waves."

All Things Go (No Good Reason)


"...the Runaround is a hazy dream reminiscent of Washed Out meets Tame Impala."

The Daily Listening (the Runaround)


"...the true hero in this piece is the well-comprised balance of his enchanting lyrics, smooth percussion, break-beat synths, haunting vocal harmonies, and accentuating spoken word samples."

The Music Ninja (the Runaround)


"Former Faces continues their dream-like journey with 'Weekend Mountain Man' – an intricately crafted mosaic of ambient sounds and production... Fans of Tame Impala and Radiohead will surely be into this one."

- Salacious Sound (Weekend Mountain Man)


"Simple, light instrumentals explode in a melodious cacophony of sound once the vocals set in, reverb blending everything together and making it feel as though you’re floating – perhaps in a hammock – somewhere far away."

- Impose (Weekend Mountain Man)